Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Oh My!It's December Already?

It's December already!
 Time to deck the halls and lets be jolly? This day 2 and I am keeping up with December...
 I had such great plans last year with project life, I did manage to order 49 layouts on Monday from the past few months so I feel sucessful? I keep thinking about all that stuff I have and have not made it up stairs yet to scrapbook? There is always next year?
But it does come in handy for school projects?
Anyways I am going to try my best to do December daily and tell the story , hopefully we can have some happy memories to share.

 Sometimes that is hard to do?
  And then I remember some times its better to give a hand up and keep going? It was extremely hard year for us and I have a sweet memory of my dad he always helped someone along the way our whole life, Christmas as kids  we were not rich , but he always found someone worse than us and did something nice for them especially kids,so that my plan. I did decide I need a new CD because Christmas music and the Hallmark Card section just not happening this year .

So tell the story and print it , who needs perfect , just get them in some books to share with the grands this season, I think they much rather pass the albums then sit in the front of my computer to see them.

  I'll be back soon and hopefully share some of my December with you, my planner is filling up ( its plain )I never managed to get on board that decorating it yet.
We all know its Shopping, Baking, and wrapping ....  I did not buy the sign  but a perfect photo opp with my granddaughter, our yearly ornament trip , my first time to Hobby lobby since May?
  I am cured? of the weekly I have to buy it , oh I have a coupon?

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Project life is so easy!

Meeting Becky and taking classes in August 

Project Life App

No one can believe that I have fell in love with the Project Life App!
1. You don't have to be a techie (even a grandma can do it)
2. It is so easy riding down the road, sitting on a airplane,or laying in bed to scrapbook!
3. It can be as simple as just pictures or a long Journal story
4. Once again NO Rules in scrapbooking!

How does it work?
 Super simple just download the App to your Iphone  and GO!
You won't want to stop!
I have printed pages using some treasured photos from Facebook posts that have turned out great!
I have learned to do a few things on the Ipad lately ( really me? with a Ipad)
Olivia says I am a Cool Grams now!
I'll be sharing as I go in the Bama Project Life Group in the next few weeks
Come join us you'll be amazed at how much you can do in just a few weeks!
Thanks for reading! I am going to venture out of the hotel today alone... driving is crazy here and you know I have to watch out for those bridges!
This was Diesel when he had RSV last spring, he is doing great has 2 teeth and ready to walk now!

Emma getting ready for art camp!
Olivia and Fred at the fair!

Lily says we scream  for ice cream!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Its been a log time...I may be back...

So I have been MIA since the end of August when I went to Schaumburg, Il Scrapbook Expo!
As many of you know my parents live in the area so it was the perfect way to make a trip, so I took both Project Life classes with Becky!  I was terrified of doing the APP thing! But I am loving it.   
I have done about 55 pages in the last few weeks, so to say I hooked would be reasonable at this point. As a previous store owner I never really scrapbooked my daily life ,just vacations and my granddaughters, 

As many of you may know my Dad had battled Lung Cancer the past year. I went to stay him and my family during the last weeks of his life with Hospice care. We were truly blessed to have gone to Journeycare Hospice Center in Barrington for the last two weeks of his life. Our family was there daily and we had meals together . We took turns spending the nights with my mom. The staff at Journeycare  will always have a special meaning to us. Cancer tears us all apart, maybe someday we will not cringe when we hear it mentioned. As bad as we thought the situation was, we could always find the good and see others who story was worse than ours.  I had the pleasure of being with my dad many weeks and hearing his conversations with his nurses,  he never complained, and was truly himself to the end of his life. It was my birthday and we had talked about cake the days before, on my birthday he rallied and said he was hungry , I looked at his nurse in shock she said sure if that is what he wants  "Let him eat cake",  he had a small bite , later went to sleep that night. Durning the early am he woke and told my mother he was going to miss her  and it was #Jackandmavisforever. He  never woke after that morning. A week later he passed peacefully.

This week I am in California with my son just hanging out while he works.
A friend sent me this , what a perfect thought.
"grief is a process, not a place to land. It is a bridge to take you to the other side". I like that. It's not a healthy place to stay.
Everyone knows I hate bridges , I held my breath driving across this yesterday!
I have some plans for the next few weeks and then I am planning to go home. 
Thanks for keeping in touch, I have received cards, texts and calls from so many people the past few months.
"grief is a process, not a place to land. It is a bridge to take you to the other side". 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Joining the planner world?

So I have heard and read all this excitement in the planner world...
I bought the Me and My Big Ideas Planner last week , hoping it will help me get organized?
 Maybe get a birthday card mailed on time? Journal notes for my photos? 
Make cute little photo layouts... 
 I found this link for mini pictures and help on resizing,,

Anyway it was my paper fix this week, who doesn't just love some papers , stickers, and pens? 
You should see all the cute stickers on Etsy... hydrate, weight loss, exercise, clean your house? 

 I am hoping to get my Project Life in order , I have gathered everything I have bought in last year and moved it downstairs, school will be out next week and this Grams will need a project or two that travels to pool and tutoring.

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Happy National Scrapbook Dasy.... Giveaway...

Happy National Scrapbook Day

Sadly I have not crafted much this year, but I have the best photos that I will treasure for the rest of my life. 

Yes, I know I have been MIA, it has been a wild winter for me ...5 trips to  home to Illinois , 2 trips to Ohio, a  hospital trip last weekend for husband...
My dad is fighting his cancer battle a seems to being doing well at the present, my grandson "Diesel" has recovered from a terrible case of RSV. , he is doing great!  My husband has 3 steps forward and 1 step back again with back issues ... so this is what they call life!

 SO when in doubt no matter what is happening sneak a photo, it may offend your sister but she will get over it sooner or later... isn't this the best picture?  after 20 days in ICU thinking the worse thoughts you can not even say aloud ....  I took this visiting after they took off ventilator.

So if you are reading this you still follow the adventures of Kathy aka "Scrapin Kat"... it is never boring in my life to say the least ....
Leave a comment on May 8 , I will draw from comments for a prize ...

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Warning... You still have time

Yes we still have time to make Valentine's!
So much cheaper (these days anyway) and who wouldn't love a handmade card?
These are from 1938 ,
 I saved them from the dumpster last year!
 Does that make me a hoarder..Wait!
Don't answer that yet?
Yes I save things... cards, candy boxes, photos... even stuff that wasn't mine.
 What is the oldest thing you have saved?

Happy Thursday!

I am experimenting with my new tablet -it doesn't like blogger?
Gee I  have so may technical issues... how about you?

Friday, January 16, 2015

Mixed Media Bag

I was so surprised to see that my #1 granddaughter is really using the cute little canvas bag I made her awhile ago!

I bought these cute little  purse like bags at hobby lobby on sale of course,
 I added a iron on, stamped a image on The O,

I was using stash from my store so a combination of glimermist and  clearsnap sprays.
Simple and easy ... let it dry!

Have a great day!

I am still sorting my stash and finding lots of things to play with!
See you soon!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Maybe Feb 1 is the start of 2015

Happy New Year?

So I am off to a bad start...
So much for all those things I am going to do in January...
The year ended with a big bang...  A new grandson well born around Thanksgiving!  So we spent Christmas with them!

I spent New Years eve in the hospital with my Dad , he is having Chemo for stage IV Lung Cancer and need a little transfusion because his blood was low. That kinda changed my mind on donating blood , My Daughter works at Lifesouth and is always in need of donors. So I plan to Pay it Forward in 2015 after flu season is over.  

As for goals , not going to make any promises , My blog will be mostly personal and some art I do this year. I am finally done with the "business" part of crafting. Maybe I will enjoy it more now. So leave me a comment to see if I still show up anywhere in 2015,

Happy New Year!