Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Oh My!It's December Already?

It's December already!
 Time to deck the halls and lets be jolly? This day 2 and I am keeping up with December...
 I had such great plans last year with project life, I did manage to order 49 layouts on Monday from the past few months so I feel sucessful? I keep thinking about all that stuff I have and have not made it up stairs yet to scrapbook? There is always next year?
But it does come in handy for school projects?
Anyways I am going to try my best to do December daily and tell the story , hopefully we can have some happy memories to share.

 Sometimes that is hard to do?
  And then I remember some times its better to give a hand up and keep going? It was extremely hard year for us and I have a sweet memory of my dad he always helped someone along the way our whole life, Christmas as kids  we were not rich , but he always found someone worse than us and did something nice for them especially kids,so that my plan. I did decide I need a new CD because Christmas music and the Hallmark Card section just not happening this year .

So tell the story and print it , who needs perfect , just get them in some books to share with the grands this season, I think they much rather pass the albums then sit in the front of my computer to see them.

  I'll be back soon and hopefully share some of my December with you, my planner is filling up ( its plain )I never managed to get on board that decorating it yet.
We all know its Shopping, Baking, and wrapping ....  I did not buy the sign  but a perfect photo opp with my granddaughter, our yearly ornament trip , my first time to Hobby lobby since May?
  I am cured? of the weekly I have to buy it , oh I have a coupon?

Thanks for stopping by,