Saturday, April 9, 2011

I won! California Here I come!

Out of 74 comments, #36 was the winner of a FREE WEEKEND at Art-Full Horizons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!

Scrapin Kat said...
Shared on my blog- is there a way to buy a raffle ticket on line ? Ah Sunshine & scrap! Sounds like what I need
February 8, 2011 8:31 AM

Please contact us at for details :) Congrats and thanks to everyone who played along!!!
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Friday, April 8, 2011

Fabulous Friday-Punky Sprouts & Elizabeth Park!

I finally finihed something! I won this cute little Chipboard Album from Punky Sprouts in a giveaway durning CHA--
Every Friday I will be sharing things - it has been so hard to get motivated since closing the store- but sitting in my messy room with some music and get crafty finally felt fun again!

I have all this stash what good is it if I am not using it?
- some will be from my Older Stash - that I will be offerring for sale--
New is Nice but always better!
Have a great weekend!
you can see all the pages on my facebook -- we have a new private group to share on Scrapin Kats Friends - join us!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

California Dreamin...

Ok friends I am asking for a FAVOR-- please visit
Tell them How bad I really want to go -- just think if ever one of my followers posts a note on the blog... I may have a chance -- Gary says he will buy me a plane ticket if I win (since he is not funding my scrappy interst anymore lol)
If I win I will come back and we will do a project smiliar to one that we do there... I just know that Donna Salzaar would love to see her products in Sweet Home Alabama since there does not seem to many LSS who carry them -- I guess that what I miss the most -- Unique and different - somehow that other store in town does NOthing for my creative interests !
By the way I am placing another order for a few more of Donna's Paper Kits -- email if you want me to order one for you...
Have a great day, the weather is beautiful may have to take my New Flip flops for a test this afternoon to BAM and see what new magazines are here!