Friday, December 30, 2011

Use Your Stash Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Last Stop!
You should be arriving from Tabbi

This the First Mini Album Kit I ever bought Probably 2006-7 - I finished it 01/06/2011 I love the colors- Bo Bunny has always been a favorite! These are single sided -papers , Bo Bunny remains a staple in my collection!

*************My Blog Candy Prize ***************
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*** What is old is New again - this is a tape writer set from Around the Block***
Really people are buying tapes to print words on? This one is from my stash from Scrapin Kats... so at least 4 years old-New in package!

I used the EK Sucess Piercing bug- you use to mark the dots to pierce with a needle - great for brads or buttons -- Thanks But I think I will use my crop-a-dile!

WOW ...I have so many items I had to have and never used! I wonder how many more do this? I am NOT alone!

It started with the Princess of Scrap- Heather (you should all know she was in the Creating Keepsakes Teen Scrapbook Final Challenge) and she is the youngest in this group
And of course finish with the queen of paper (that’s me and not sure who is the oldest lol)
So if you missed a LINK... here they are!











Lisa Peters


Scraps to Treasures



Thanks everyone!

Use your Stash!/events/129897657117457
Sign up to be a part of our Blog Hop January 7--
Use your stash - do a post on using your stash - some oldie or goodie you couldn't live with out! We have about twelve to join in, if you want to be a part of this hopping craze... come join us
Newbies welcome and we will help you through - also remeber to tell what you want person to do if offering a blog candy prize like leave a email -- so you can contact - sign up to follow - visit others - Smile- sing and share!

Still Organizing....

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Looking for inspiration Late at night?

So what do you when your up all night?
Look for inspiration , read all the blogs, make lists of the things I don't need? But there is so much out there - bargain stores, ebay, etsy,and pininterst!
I find myself sending links to
1. Son - this would be a great business adventure
2. My oldest daughter- a new Christmas village piece by precious moments that I found on pininterest
3. Leaving random comments on cute blogs just for fun!
So I am tackling my boxes one at a time this month from store - and have been selling it!Get it Sold and Alabama Scrappers Swap shop on facebook!
Sell 3 things and I can buy one NEW one , sounds fair to me!

by the way this is the cutest blinkie i have seen!

See ya,

I may just have to buy something tonight!
Emma is worried about what is all those boxes! I am sure between her Birthday & Santa she'll be real crafty!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Crafty timeclock is ticking....

I have been working on the tag swap! I have been cutting all weekend but I think I have a plan! Now to make each one or assembly line? Some things will be assembly line since they need to dry- I googled, spent time on pininterest, and flipped through lots of old books, I have a decision making problem,, and well maybe just to much to choose from - but please note I did not buy anything NEW for this just using my stash! This is the first swap I have done in a long time, it will be held on Dec 3 at the local community center we have used a couple times for crops, I have not seen many of these people since spring! Now what to do with all these scraps? Leave a comment and one Lucky Person will get A Donna's Christmas newspaper from my stash, its great for words, musical papers, and some FUN Scrappy news! I promise to share my finished project soon.

Friday, November 18, 2011

How to plan a road trip!

I am so excited , Susan shared some tips after editing a email I sent her... be sure to visit the site especially before leaving for your trip for Thanksgiving- don't fight the mall crowds -- visit a LSS instead!

I had a great trip and will be showing you shopping trip items in some future posts!
So good to be home again... Lots to do ... family coming to clear out the items we have stored from my in-laws -- Sure to be some fun as we sift thru all those photos

Have a great weekend,

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Planning my December

So I have once again been a bad blogger... but I did a few things on my trip ... visited all my family , My Son and his girls in Ohio, My Parents, brothers and sister in Chicago, this trip has brought lots of emotion with it, I see lots of changes and not sure I like them , time to make more time with family a priorty for next year!
I worked on this mini book for December, I hope to fill it with pictures and notes, my plan is to make a mini for each month next year to use as a journal. THis is from My Little Yellow Bicycle Winter Wishes Collection.
Home soon and hope to get busy!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My 10 tips for Finding the LSS

Oh my what a trip....thought I would share what I have discovered to be important....

1. Check The Papercrafters Corner
2. Map it out ...
3. Check the stores website/blog ... not updated not a good sign...
4. CALL before going... the seem to move, close or disapear off the grid....quickly these days...
5. Hours , days,
6. What is near ? Because not all GPS seem to be able to find the LSS....
7. Fill up the gas tank...
8. Ask do they carry Tim Holtz ink or Graphic 45? If the answer is Tim who? Graphic what?
9. Make sure you find somewhere to Park your hubby, mine likes the crop area or the closest coffee spot- and if he is in the crop area he gives free advice.... and design help?
10. Be Prepared for change.... today we ended up in a winery...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Beautiful Fall weekend

Another fall tag I made -

A Family Album made with Little Yellow Bicycle

What a beautiful weekend! we have been in the car ... left Fl. Friday evening, spent the night in Macon, Ga and have drove throught Tennesse and Kentucky today!
The leaves are beautiful, tomorrow another 5 hours and we are there till Wednesday! I have several projects I hope to finish... I seem to get more done in the hotel! Plan on doing a little shopping before I see my granddaughters on Thursday- It has been over a YEAR since we have seen them!
I guess there are some perks being free from the scrapbook store... but I do MISS it!
Have a great week!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Frugal Scrapbooker?

I think I am a FRUGAL scrapbooker!
I just can NOT stand to waste paper!
I spent the day sorting my summer shopping trips into messy room! I also cut a herd of deer for my Christmas tags- I played with the vagabond all afternoon! I really love the mini dies ... I think I have to buy a few more...
I just hate to waste my paper so I cut it small enough and use papers tape to SAVE my Kraft paper! I would estimate that I have 18 paper holders that hold about 200 sheets each-- You know waste NOT want Not?

So I have decided I am NOT a hoarder! I am frugal!
What are you?


PS... stay tuned my tags are coming soon...
Yes I am on the road again... my theme song, but I'll be HOME for Christmas

Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or treat winner

Staci Snellings said...
Following along!! I am just trying to figure it all out!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Staci send me a mailing address! Thanks for joining us!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Trick or Treat Blog Hop

PRIZE IS CRAFTY SECRETS CHRISTMAS- leave a comment for a chance to win!
My Treat BAG!

Super Power Tape So I can reuse for later!

Its a Cat! Would you expect anything else!
Trick Or Treat!
Welcome to our first Hop, I hope we encourage you to get Crafty! The holidays are coming soon and what is better than a handmade gift!

For My Trick - I made a Treat Bag-- Yummy! fill it all your favorites- Chocolate and sweets-
I used Crafty Secrets Postcard Kit for Halloween, Tim's New ink Gathered Twigs to edge, of course I think as all scrapbookers I would want to use the embellishment on a page or for another use , so I put some super Crafty Power Tape for later use!
My Bag came from Walmart 5/$1 , some ribbons from my stash!
Just a little project but you could make some great Holiday wrappings for little gifts!
SO easy for School/church projects, even small children could help!
My Treat -- Christmas Crafty Stuff...
Leave a comment for a chance to WIN some Crafty Secrets for the Holidays~ one lucky hopper that follows us and leaves a comment will win!
Thanks to all the ladies for joining us , be sure to leave a comment and hop to everyone to see what Tricks and Treats they have been up to!
On To the Hop!
Start Here with Heather-

Have a Safe and Fun Halloween! I am off to refill the candy bowl- we don't have many trick or treaters at our house since we live in the country with a long driveway! So I buy our favorites and pretend!


Friday, May 6, 2011

10 Favorite Scrapbook items I need!

1. The Paper - its all so pretty!
2. My Cutter Bee Scissors-
3. Zip Dry Glue
4. Inks Cat eyes or Tim Holtz Distress
5. 3l tape runner - yep the Red one is my fav-
4. Paper trimmer - I have several doesn't matter which- I can't CUT a straight line
5. Glue Dots
6. Some ribbon-lace
7. Chipboard embellishments-
8. My Bind-it-All -- Yes I like it alot-- need to practice more
9. Big Shot -- it doesn't need electric (learned that last week)
10. Clip -it-up -- this is my new favorite storage - I like to see it hanging up!

Some day I will find the perfect storage solution (lol) I am in process of taking my paper from racks to vertical storage and clear boxes (sorted by brands)-- I had all my embellishments in boxes - but have been using this clip up lately -- I plan to buy another or make something smiliar --

So once again leave a comment with your favorites to follow my blog... for a chance to win some stash - I will pick a winner Monday!
Have a great weekend -

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I won! California Here I come!

Out of 74 comments, #36 was the winner of a FREE WEEKEND at Art-Full Horizons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!

Scrapin Kat said...
Shared on my blog- is there a way to buy a raffle ticket on line ? Ah Sunshine & scrap! Sounds like what I need
February 8, 2011 8:31 AM

Please contact us at for details :) Congrats and thanks to everyone who played along!!!
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Friday, April 8, 2011

Fabulous Friday-Punky Sprouts & Elizabeth Park!

I finally finihed something! I won this cute little Chipboard Album from Punky Sprouts in a giveaway durning CHA--
Every Friday I will be sharing things - it has been so hard to get motivated since closing the store- but sitting in my messy room with some music and get crafty finally felt fun again!

I have all this stash what good is it if I am not using it?
- some will be from my Older Stash - that I will be offerring for sale--
New is Nice but always better!
Have a great weekend!
you can see all the pages on my facebook -- we have a new private group to share on Scrapin Kats Friends - join us!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

California Dreamin...

Ok friends I am asking for a FAVOR-- please visit
Tell them How bad I really want to go -- just think if ever one of my followers posts a note on the blog... I may have a chance -- Gary says he will buy me a plane ticket if I win (since he is not funding my scrappy interst anymore lol)
If I win I will come back and we will do a project smiliar to one that we do there... I just know that Donna Salzaar would love to see her products in Sweet Home Alabama since there does not seem to many LSS who carry them -- I guess that what I miss the most -- Unique and different - somehow that other store in town does NOthing for my creative interests !
By the way I am placing another order for a few more of Donna's Paper Kits -- email if you want me to order one for you...
Have a great day, the weather is beautiful may have to take my New Flip flops for a test this afternoon to BAM and see what new magazines are here!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Scrapin Kats Store is closed but thats Not stopping the girls from Scrappin!
They met last nite at Grumpys Pizza for Grunge class , 8 ladies showed up to play with some of the great Tm Holtz items and created some cute mini tag books. We invited Tim to come but he is busy in the Uk this week!
Since Closing the store Kathy is doing Crops on the go... planning classes and crops around town ... watch to see where they go next?

Remember Friends its all about the paper!
Doesn't matter you meet to create and enjoy crafting.