Sunday, November 17, 2013


I am trying to blog again , thought this may be fun....

1. I am not a morning person, prefer and need to sleep late  maybe because I love to watch Lucy at 4am?
2. I hate to drive over BRIDGES, I once back up and turned around -
3. I have 3 grown children and 3 granddaughters.
4. I  have a extreme addiction to stuff, I love to collect but not use it...pens, markers, papers, Christmas ornaments, picture frames, baskets and bins....
5.  I have been married for 34 years , Yes the same person.... we met when I was in high school.
6.  I have lived in Illinois, Oregon, Alabama  and dream of living in Colorado when I am old
 ( how old is old?)
7.I have a degree in Early Childhood, love babies and small children under 5
8.I love sunflowers and wild flowers, please no roses.
9. I think holidays are overrated and not worth the stress for one day, everyday can be special!
10. My favorite food is Mexican if going out at home just give me a baked potato and I am happy!
11. I do like the ocean but hate sand.
12. I  prefer to sit in the back of the plane next to a window.
13. My favorite tree is a Aspen in fall .
14. I like old music from the 70's  and John Denver
15.  I drive like a grandma ... (the kids have a different word)
16. I hate malls
17.  I love to get real mail it is so exciting , wished it wasn't always bills
18.  I have too many GOALS... see that is 18

Leave a comment about yourself, I am going to give away a small RAK of Project life cards next Sunday!
I have been getting my stuff ready for 2014,  I am going to do it!

I took this picture on the road before we came home , I just love fall!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Back in the groove...

Back the groove? 

So I have been doing Project life the last few months...  trying to catch up?
 It seems like I print so MANY more photo's these days!
 Going to try to get back to blogging --  Not sure if you are following anymore! 
Say Hi if you are!
I found this great link for Project Life today, come on and join the fun , lets get those photo's on a book and out of a box next year! There are no rules!