Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I am back again, I have been downsizing my scrap room again... still selling in the group Scrappers Swap Shop on face book,
 I have put a big dent in all that paper!
Trying to follow the Scrap Rack Get Organized Challenge , the more I organize , the more I can get rid of finally, just keep telling myself it is a bedroom not a store.
I actually started 2 cards and a tag tonight, discovered my smooch is all dried up ... hmm.. over a year since I used it.
So it is 71 here at 2a.m and the weather radio has gone off, very windy and tornado warnings already, so guess I have the night shift.  I hate it when it storms at night.

So stay safe,

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hello my friends!

I'm Back!
It has been awhile but maybe I can finally get back in the blogging world!
What have I been up to?
Well of course I am cleaning out my clutter this year! This was from my closet 6 big bags of over priced clothing, purses and shoes that I had NOT wore in at least 2 years.  DONATED
Next my paper closet... oh this is a Job for SUPER SCRAPPER... that would not be me this year!
 But I have gone through all my boxes and let go of half!
What am I doing with it?
 1. First I try to sell some,
2. I have been sending a RAK to someone almost everyday this year!
 3. I have a pile to sell at a scrappy yard sale in March for store Credit , (I'll need some new from CHA ) not really!
 I have started project 365 online this year so at least I am taking a daily photo and notes, I started on Jan.10th I never start anything on Jan.1  because...  
Next excitement was Snow in Alabama... 2 days of crazy -
 My daughter was stuck on the highway for 3.5 hours , then she backed up the emergency lane and drove up the exit ramp the wrong way, I guess it was ok she made it home safe 3 hours later, lots of people were trapped overnight. So lesson learned  full tank of gas, blanket and water, (she was ok Emma always has snacks, blankets and videos,) be prepared no matter where you live.

 Gary is getting better each day, hopefully he will be back to Normal soon? (I keep asking whats that) been a interesting time for sure, hoping for Good News when we go in March for follow-up tests for the Cancer.

So if you happen to be following me , leave a comment... I will be picking a random follower for next weeks scrapbook RAK!
Have a great week,