Monday, October 26, 2015

Its been a log time...I may be back...

So I have been MIA since the end of August when I went to Schaumburg, Il Scrapbook Expo!
As many of you know my parents live in the area so it was the perfect way to make a trip, so I took both Project Life classes with Becky!  I was terrified of doing the APP thing! But I am loving it.   
I have done about 55 pages in the last few weeks, so to say I hooked would be reasonable at this point. As a previous store owner I never really scrapbooked my daily life ,just vacations and my granddaughters, 

As many of you may know my Dad had battled Lung Cancer the past year. I went to stay him and my family during the last weeks of his life with Hospice care. We were truly blessed to have gone to Journeycare Hospice Center in Barrington for the last two weeks of his life. Our family was there daily and we had meals together . We took turns spending the nights with my mom. The staff at Journeycare  will always have a special meaning to us. Cancer tears us all apart, maybe someday we will not cringe when we hear it mentioned. As bad as we thought the situation was, we could always find the good and see others who story was worse than ours.  I had the pleasure of being with my dad many weeks and hearing his conversations with his nurses,  he never complained, and was truly himself to the end of his life. It was my birthday and we had talked about cake the days before, on my birthday he rallied and said he was hungry , I looked at his nurse in shock she said sure if that is what he wants  "Let him eat cake",  he had a small bite , later went to sleep that night. Durning the early am he woke and told my mother he was going to miss her  and it was #Jackandmavisforever. He  never woke after that morning. A week later he passed peacefully.

This week I am in California with my son just hanging out while he works.
A friend sent me this , what a perfect thought.
"grief is a process, not a place to land. It is a bridge to take you to the other side". I like that. It's not a healthy place to stay.
Everyone knows I hate bridges , I held my breath driving across this yesterday!
I have some plans for the next few weeks and then I am planning to go home. 
Thanks for keeping in touch, I have received cards, texts and calls from so many people the past few months.
"grief is a process, not a place to land. It is a bridge to take you to the other side". 

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Sharon said...

Kat, I'm was so sorry to hear about your Dad. You and your family are in my prayers.
Have a good time in Cali.
I am about to start Project Life myself. Don't know if I will like it or not, but I have way to much that I need to scrapbook and so little time.
Take care of yourself!!!! :)