Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Joining the planner world?

So I have heard and read all this excitement in the planner world...
I bought the Me and My Big Ideas Planner last week , hoping it will help me get organized?
 Maybe get a birthday card mailed on time? Journal notes for my photos? 
Make cute little photo layouts... 
 I found this link for mini pictures and help on resizing,,

Anyway it was my paper fix this week, who doesn't just love some papers , stickers, and pens? 
You should see all the cute stickers on Etsy... hydrate, weight loss, exercise, clean your house? 

 I am hoping to get my Project Life in order , I have gathered everything I have bought in last year and moved it downstairs, school will be out next week and this Grams will need a project or two that travels to pool and tutoring.

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