Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone

Do you feel like this past year has just flown by?
 Do you remember how long it took as a child the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas?
I feel like I am so behind, lots of plans and piles with all my projects!
I will say that I am better organized in years past - I take a picture almost daily on instagram, add some notes and the date,  printing most of them , ( nope not in my album yet), but project life has made me rethink my spending and organization, and what I really use and need.
 I am in the process of starting a new group on facebook to share our 2014 project life , I think it is important to take pictures of the just plain days in our life, we are so busy , we are the Mom's who chase our kids around as they grow up.
Look back in your photo's,  Where are you? Behind the camera? What will they remember about us?
So Yes I went to see Santa yesterday , something I have done for several years alone, the poor guy thought I was crazy and then I told him about my project life!
Come join us
 I'll be posting more in a few days  and no you don't have to be from Alabama to join us! This is just a group of us that will be sharing ideas, projects, and encouraging each other to get busy!

Merry Christmas,