Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone

Do you feel like this past year has just flown by?
 Do you remember how long it took as a child the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas?
I feel like I am so behind, lots of plans and piles with all my projects!
I will say that I am better organized in years past - I take a picture almost daily on instagram, add some notes and the date,  printing most of them , ( nope not in my album yet), but project life has made me rethink my spending and organization, and what I really use and need.
 I am in the process of starting a new group on facebook to share our 2014 project life , I think it is important to take pictures of the just plain days in our life, we are so busy , we are the Mom's who chase our kids around as they grow up.
Look back in your photo's,  Where are you? Behind the camera? What will they remember about us?
So Yes I went to see Santa yesterday , something I have done for several years alone, the poor guy thought I was crazy and then I told him about my project life!
Come join us
 I'll be posting more in a few days  and no you don't have to be from Alabama to join us! This is just a group of us that will be sharing ideas, projects, and encouraging each other to get busy!

Merry Christmas,

Sunday, November 17, 2013


I am trying to blog again , thought this may be fun....

1. I am not a morning person, prefer and need to sleep late  maybe because I love to watch Lucy at 4am?
2. I hate to drive over BRIDGES, I once back up and turned around -
3. I have 3 grown children and 3 granddaughters.
4. I  have a extreme addiction to stuff, I love to collect but not use it...pens, markers, papers, Christmas ornaments, picture frames, baskets and bins....
5.  I have been married for 34 years , Yes the same person.... we met when I was in high school.
6.  I have lived in Illinois, Oregon, Alabama  and dream of living in Colorado when I am old
 ( how old is old?)
7.I have a degree in Early Childhood, love babies and small children under 5
8.I love sunflowers and wild flowers, please no roses.
9. I think holidays are overrated and not worth the stress for one day, everyday can be special!
10. My favorite food is Mexican if going out at home just give me a baked potato and I am happy!
11. I do like the ocean but hate sand.
12. I  prefer to sit in the back of the plane next to a window.
13. My favorite tree is a Aspen in fall .
14. I like old music from the 70's  and John Denver
15.  I drive like a grandma ... (the kids have a different word)
16. I hate malls
17.  I love to get real mail it is so exciting , wished it wasn't always bills
18.  I have too many GOALS... see that is 18

Leave a comment about yourself, I am going to give away a small RAK of Project life cards next Sunday!
I have been getting my stuff ready for 2014,  I am going to do it!

I took this picture on the road before we came home , I just love fall!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Back in the groove...

Back the groove? 

So I have been doing Project life the last few months...  trying to catch up?
 It seems like I print so MANY more photo's these days!
 Going to try to get back to blogging --  Not sure if you are following anymore! 
Say Hi if you are!
I found this great link for Project Life today, come on and join the fun , lets get those photo's on a book and out of a box next year! There are no rules!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A shack with a view...

Home again.... for a few days anyway .... we worked so hard .... but did not get done before time to leave..
      The shack will always be a shack not home..... great for a vacation...but I am NOT sure I can live there ...yet...ever?
 Now the view is the same BEAUTIFUL.. Peaceful  and cool....  It rained almost everyday (much needed)

We went back to doctors this week for a one year Kidney Cancer follow-up - so far ok, it is just all the other issues with back at this point that have changed the way we once lived....

I spent 10 days with my parents , my dad had Lung cancer surgery he did wonderful... talk about a trooper! He is doing great (no more oxgen at this point! He was out walking around the building.before I left..
So all things considering... Life is good!.
Started going through my scrap stuff time to let go ... I have not used tons of it... starting a project life album with my summer photos , maybe it will inspire me.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So lonely? Some things need a second look

I have been sorting through some items today,
 How do you decide how long to keep things you made?
 Sentimental over rules usually at my house,
So I am going to share a few of my older projects - maybe I can inspire you to dig out some stuff you bought years ago to use again....
 so many supplies, so little time.....

 This hung over my Mother in laws space....
                                                         My Bind it all SO lonely...
Family book
Perfect Day

I need to get back to work , Don't forget we will have Auction no2 Scrapbook Style Saturday 7-10pm on the facebook page again..All Proceeds are being donated to Relay for Life! I feel so happy to let some of these great things go to help a cause dear to me these days!

Make sure to visit the link ahead of time  we will send a message on Saturday with a link to the album

Thanks for stopping by,

Friday, April 12, 2013

Paper Loft Easy Breezy

Easy Breezy Layout for Paper Loft link up
I have been doing a few layouts this week , this was my niece's wedding last fall.
We just don't have enough of these happy days to celebrate!
I found  The Paper Loft at the CK a few summers ago in Nashville,

I love how easy it makes scrapbooking , it is simple and back to basics for me!

Thanks for stopping by!
 What are you working on this week?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Yes I have been busy!

 Join is Friday evening on Facebook for a Auction for Relay for life Scrapbook Style!
We will post s link from the page to see the items we will be auctioning -
 they are all  NEW but older items from the store, all
Proceeds will be donated to Team Wittlock Relay for Life on May 2, 2013

So stop by the event page

a message will be sent to those that have responded to remind them.


Support Team Wittlock
Come help us Support American cancer
Honor Gary Wittlock and his Cancer Journey
Join our team or make a donation on our site

You can donate or place a Luminary in Memory or Honor of someone
We are asking all our friends to light a luminary with your favorite John Denver Song or Lyric to light the way for him!
Thank you for your support

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Working Under pressure

I have decided I am creatively challenged these days - I have recently been in a few swaps- I am not sure if I work better under pressure or if is I have to much stuff?  This is my card for the swap - we could only use three colors- every print paper I picked up and at least 4 , so it was back to basics for me -  I have never been much of a stamper, and have issues with straight lines hmm... maybe I should wear those glasses..

We have just signed up to do Relay for Life in Cullman on May 4th in honor of my husband Gary and Prostrate Cancer, it just amazes me there are so many support groups for women - buy hardly anything for men.
If you would like to join Team Wittlock with a small donation or light a luminary in memory of a family member please visit our page

Thanks for stopping in I am going to try to get more creative in the next few weeks with a class from Ten Seconds Studio online.

Monday, March 4, 2013

How to get your Mojo back?

Just wondering How do you get your Mojo back?
 I have been organizing forever -- I think this be the number 1 problem papercrafters have ?
 We think we need to have everything pretty and neat to start.
 We think we need everything tools, paper, and  more is better?
          I went to a local crop last Friday and did 6 pages Did I find MoJo?

So I have decided that maybe it is just not that important - I just need a clean desk and a pair of scissors and some glue or tape-after all I just make a mess!

So I have come up these thoughts on MOJO
1.  Keep your travel bag packed
2. Create some kits of your favorite supplies
3. Add just a few photos (otherwise you spend all the time trying to decide)
4. Add  friends to chat with
5. Find a small table that folds -- create a space in another spot --
I have a folding table in the bedroom where I watch tv and facebook -- I am starting to sort through all my photos and put them in books (not a scrapbook  but the Project life 6 photos to a page ) going to pull a few favorites to scrapbook.  I have realized I will NEVER scrapbook them all in my lifetime. So why not have them in a album to enjoy then in a box on the closet shelf?

I found  Mojo last week -  but it must have decided to leave when it looked at my mess-- so the friend called Purge came along and encouraged me GET STARTED!

Have a great week!
BTW  we are still seeing doctors Gary is better but needs a new MRI to rule out Bone Cancer - this Cancer stuff is so scary and like a BAD roller coaster ride!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I am back again, I have been downsizing my scrap room again... still selling in the group Scrappers Swap Shop on face book,
 I have put a big dent in all that paper!
Trying to follow the Scrap Rack Get Organized Challenge , the more I organize , the more I can get rid of finally, just keep telling myself it is a bedroom not a store.
I actually started 2 cards and a tag tonight, discovered my smooch is all dried up ... hmm.. over a year since I used it.
So it is 71 here at 2a.m and the weather radio has gone off, very windy and tornado warnings already, so guess I have the night shift.  I hate it when it storms at night.

So stay safe,

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hello my friends!

I'm Back!
It has been awhile but maybe I can finally get back in the blogging world!
What have I been up to?
Well of course I am cleaning out my clutter this year! This was from my closet 6 big bags of over priced clothing, purses and shoes that I had NOT wore in at least 2 years.  DONATED
Next my paper closet... oh this is a Job for SUPER SCRAPPER... that would not be me this year!
 But I have gone through all my boxes and let go of half!
What am I doing with it?
 1. First I try to sell some,
2. I have been sending a RAK to someone almost everyday this year!
 3. I have a pile to sell at a scrappy yard sale in March for store Credit , (I'll need some new from CHA ) not really!
 I have started project 365 online this year so at least I am taking a daily photo and notes, I started on Jan.10th I never start anything on Jan.1  because...  
Next excitement was Snow in Alabama... 2 days of crazy -
 My daughter was stuck on the highway for 3.5 hours , then she backed up the emergency lane and drove up the exit ramp the wrong way, I guess it was ok she made it home safe 3 hours later, lots of people were trapped overnight. So lesson learned  full tank of gas, blanket and water, (she was ok Emma always has snacks, blankets and videos,) be prepared no matter where you live.

 Gary is getting better each day, hopefully he will be back to Normal soon? (I keep asking whats that) been a interesting time for sure, hoping for Good News when we go in March for follow-up tests for the Cancer.

So if you happen to be following me , leave a comment... I will be picking a random follower for next weeks scrapbook RAK!
Have a great week,