Monday, January 12, 2015

Maybe Feb 1 is the start of 2015

Happy New Year?

So I am off to a bad start...
So much for all those things I am going to do in January...
The year ended with a big bang...  A new grandson well born around Thanksgiving!  So we spent Christmas with them!

I spent New Years eve in the hospital with my Dad , he is having Chemo for stage IV Lung Cancer and need a little transfusion because his blood was low. That kinda changed my mind on donating blood , My Daughter works at Lifesouth and is always in need of donors. So I plan to Pay it Forward in 2015 after flu season is over.  

As for goals , not going to make any promises , My blog will be mostly personal and some art I do this year. I am finally done with the "business" part of crafting. Maybe I will enjoy it more now. So leave me a comment to see if I still show up anywhere in 2015,

Happy New Year!


Sharon said...

Congratulations on the grandson!! He is a cutie!!
So very sorry to hear about your Dad. I'll keep him in my prayers.

Shirley Ross said...

Praying that you find comfort and happiness in 2015. I will keep your Dad in my prayers, too!