Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Project life is so easy!

Meeting Becky and taking classes in August 

Project Life App

No one can believe that I have fell in love with the Project Life App!
1. You don't have to be a techie (even a grandma can do it)
2. It is so easy riding down the road, sitting on a airplane,or laying in bed to scrapbook!
3. It can be as simple as just pictures or a long Journal story
4. Once again NO Rules in scrapbooking!

How does it work?
 Super simple just download the App to your Iphone  and GO!
You won't want to stop!
I have printed pages using some treasured photos from Facebook posts that have turned out great!
I have learned to do a few things on the Ipad lately ( really me? with a Ipad)
Olivia says I am a Cool Grams now!
I'll be sharing as I go in the Bama Project Life Group in the next few weeks
Come join us you'll be amazed at how much you can do in just a few weeks!
Thanks for reading! I am going to venture out of the hotel today alone... driving is crazy here and you know I have to watch out for those bridges!
This was Diesel when he had RSV last spring, he is doing great has 2 teeth and ready to walk now!

Emma getting ready for art camp!
Olivia and Fred at the fair!

Lily says we scream  for ice cream!


Cheryl Arbo said...

Your pages are just beautiful. I am also learning and love it. Good job Kathy! Let's get the piles out of our scrapbook rooms and rethink scrapbooking!!

Sharon said...

These are great Kathy!!! Love all of the fabulous photos!! :)

memorial garden benches said...

Lovely pages! Great photos too. Great job with scrapbooking! Thanks for sharing!