Sunday, July 27, 2014

Camp "Grams"

Camp Grams continues...
  The first day at the pool....
                                                 oops I am in trouble?  Yes she jumped off and I got the picture with the sun  her Mom was not happy? She said my Mom lets me jump!

                                   So we have decided today would be Craft Sunday?
                                       My shirt with glue resist
                                 The girls get all pretty! I won this kit on ebay from Charity Wings Auction last year!
                                         We are colorful..... Lilys feet
                                                  Nice outfit Heather! we wore our best... hope we can Emma clean before                                                 she starts back to school next week....

So hope your enjoying the Crafty Hot Sunday... looks like we will be at pool all week talking 90+
 I know why I had my kids when I was young ...

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