Saturday, January 21, 2012

Almost there!

I bought this cabinet last year , finally have sorted and labeled all my stuff- I call it my Tim stash!

I have cute little bins (about 18) I had 13 from my years as a daycare provider that I repurposed.
I hope that next week I will be able to sort all my paper in categories by season, lots are already sorted (when I had the store I would bring home bags and than they each went into a clear 12x12 box with the thought of a project to do!
I am going to try to get rid of half ? oh me ....
I am doing a card class for Valentine's Day with some kits I never sold at a local retirement community, and I am going to do a journal class at a local paint shop , email if you are interested and I will get you a date and price.
I am working on my Pay it Forward -- 5 people -different Homemade items -- 3- I never met....
I have only made it to one painting class, hopefully Thursday -- also having lunch - crafting with few of Tim's fans this week... Do you have friends that craft different?
Home for a few weeks , have plans to declutter but somehow I just make more piles...
BTW I have made a DESIGN Team ... more on that soon... hopefully it will inspire me to do a little more! I also took my new Mini printer out of Box - soon it will have a Home in my room --
Do you like scraps ? Leave a comment for a chance to WIN mine! It was amazing to see what all I have saved this year!
Have a great Week and USE your Stash!


photochic said...

I looove scraps! And I'm eager to hear more about your design team! :)

Linh C. said...

Uh, yes! I love scraps! I can't resist hanging on to scraps, and I love going through someone else's's fun to guess the manufacturer/collection!