Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Looking for inspiration Late at night?

So what do you when your up all night?
Look for inspiration , read all the blogs, make lists of the things I don't need? But there is so much out there - bargain stores, ebay, etsy,and pininterst!
I find myself sending links to
1. Son - this would be a great business adventure
2. My oldest daughter- a new Christmas village piece by precious moments that I found on pininterest
3. Leaving random comments on cute blogs just for fun!
So I am tackling my boxes one at a time this month from store - and have been selling it!Get it Sold and Alabama Scrappers Swap shop on facebook!
Sell 3 things and I can buy one NEW one , sounds fair to me!

by the way this is the cutest blinkie i have seen!

See ya,

I may just have to buy something tonight!
Emma is worried about what is all those boxes! I am sure between her Birthday & Santa she'll be real crafty!

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