Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Don't you hate it when it just won't work....
Try again to leave a comment .... I will pick a winner on Sunday!
So I have been organizing my stuff... I seem to accumulate
 .... so I made journal cards kit to use with my project life stuff -- I mix and match....   I am ready to get started... are you?



Scrapin Kat said...

Dear Google,
Please let my friends post!
Thank you,
a non-techie

elizabeth said...

Now, if anyone else asked me to turn away from Perry Mason at the half-way point of the show (when we have just discovered the body)-- I would have waited until I knew "who done it." But, since it is for you, I was glad to do it!!

May all your blogging problems go away!!

<3 :-)

Annette Parker said...

I just found your blog after all this time!!! I'm sure I missed a LOT!!!