Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
So as we are into a new year, I hope everyone has made new resolutions, has picked their one little word, stock piled project life, and survived the first three days of the new diet?
New beginnings... a change , I am not there yet ... so yes I intend to eat healthier,  no word for me last year was a total loss so if I did it would be "LESS' and "NO",
 I need less , less clutter, less stress, less worry.
NO- I have the right to say NO , No I can't , No I won't,  just no without reason.
As a paper-holic , crafter, scrapbooker I hope to do more, journal more and tell the story... not perfectly...
 I had to laugh someone asked what are those folded Project life cards for?  I said to write notes ...that maybe no one will ever see... to myself... Yes I cared, What was I thinking? Thoughts we think as we go through the process... will anyone look at these in the future, will they dump them in the dumpster  ( I saw this done a few years ago as my family cleaned out the in laws house  SO SAD).
 thinking WOW my mom did all this crap when she could have been spending time with us?
It has made me rethink my process the last few days ... a quick note of photo, in the sleeves and move on... it does not have to be perfect!

I am not sure if I will continue blogging this year ... maybe it is me rambling thoughts or maybe it is my way to get the junk out I think, but whatever I do I try to find the humor in day to day struggles. What are your New Year's intentions?
Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by,
 A friend sent me this year.. I think she has it right!

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Sharon said...

Great card Kat!! Really was nice to see you today. Glad you are doing well. Praying that hubby gets a great report at the doctor. :)