Monday, March 4, 2013

How to get your Mojo back?

Just wondering How do you get your Mojo back?
 I have been organizing forever -- I think this be the number 1 problem papercrafters have ?
 We think we need to have everything pretty and neat to start.
 We think we need everything tools, paper, and  more is better?
          I went to a local crop last Friday and did 6 pages Did I find MoJo?

So I have decided that maybe it is just not that important - I just need a clean desk and a pair of scissors and some glue or tape-after all I just make a mess!

So I have come up these thoughts on MOJO
1.  Keep your travel bag packed
2. Create some kits of your favorite supplies
3. Add just a few photos (otherwise you spend all the time trying to decide)
4. Add  friends to chat with
5. Find a small table that folds -- create a space in another spot --
I have a folding table in the bedroom where I watch tv and facebook -- I am starting to sort through all my photos and put them in books (not a scrapbook  but the Project life 6 photos to a page ) going to pull a few favorites to scrapbook.  I have realized I will NEVER scrapbook them all in my lifetime. So why not have them in a album to enjoy then in a box on the closet shelf?

I found  Mojo last week -  but it must have decided to leave when it looked at my mess-- so the friend called Purge came along and encouraged me GET STARTED!

Have a great week!
BTW  we are still seeing doctors Gary is better but needs a new MRI to rule out Bone Cancer - this Cancer stuff is so scary and like a BAD roller coaster ride!


Starr R. said...

Let me know if you find your's, mine has been missing for years....

Shirley Ross said...

I am glad you fgot your mojo back and your friend purge stopped by. Love your layouts.

Suzanne said...

these are great Kathy...great tips as well!

Anonymous said...

Praying for good news for you two!!

Love that you found the time to get your scrap on! I tend to keep my [go-to] stuff in 'ready-to-go' organization - I've gotta have some organization or I'd never get started!

And-- I agree - we'll NEVER use every photo on our scrapbook pages so we need to enjoy them in other ways too!

- Judy H

Maria Gonzalez (LuLu) said...

Nice layout..

elizabeth said...

I told my daughter the other day that my living room looks like a "Hoarders" show gone very bad!! And it is mostly scrap stuff! I keep thinking that if I made some more things I could clear some of this out of the way--but, seems like every time I make one thing, I end up buying something else to replace the used items with (and then some)------and on it goes~~ well, at least I am a happy person under all of the paper!! You are one of my favorite 'enablers'--