Monday, July 16, 2012

 I'm Back!
Hoping to start getting back to crafting and blogging again, and of course I am looking for a job these days-
 I have to find something to do at least part time.
 Gary is doing great after his surgery last week, he had a partial Kidney removal last Tuesday,  Kidney Cancer is why they did it - they found 2 spots a few months ago when he had his gallbladder removed  durning a CT scan -  it is the only way Kidney cancer is found early through a test  for another problem --so far everything is looking good!

I received some Crafty mail from a few people last week - was so excited to see some crafty mail!  
The Top one is from my friend Judy Hardwick!  It was adressed Pay it Forward.... I have a person on my list for mine .... hoping to do a good deed this week!

                               The second is from Donna Salzaar , I won it from her Tuesday evening classes online!
So I hope the summer is treating you great! It is HOT here , and raining every afternoon so my flowers are happy!
Watch for a Momenta Post this week!

Thanks for stopping by!

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